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No One Wants To Speak About It

by Adzes

  • Limited Cassette: Black/White Edition
    Cassette + Digital Album

    Digital-only version available via the artist here: adzes.bandcamp.com

    Black in imprint on white tape

    3-panel full color j-card with art by Florian-Ayala Fauna (florian-93.com) and layout by Melissa C. Kelly

    Includes unlimited streaming of No One Wants To Speak About It via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    Sold Out

Divide 08:02
An arbitrary line separates us from the beasts We say they are savage and untamed We claim empathy, but in reality We are capable of far greater cruelty  Dividing lines are an excuse to inflict pain and devastation Borders are a lie used to justify dehumanization A lie Fragile skin bleeds, torn on barbed wire They reach through a border fence A cage A pen In a world where the strong prey upon the weak The only moral act is to stand with the vulnerable
A bloated ghoul in a cheap suit, fake tan over blank expression Dead eyes stare unblinking into the camera A new world strangled by the old Two death's heads One white One gold Their bones entwined, an unbroken line of blood An ideology of genocide Another imperialist interchangeable from the last A blurring of pale, weak faces proposing yet more wars of conquest Imperial murder, religious fervor A new world strangled by the old Two death's heads One white One gold Their bones entwined, an unbroken line of blood An ideology of genocide
A fire explodes, consuming half of Redding A hurricane leaves Puerto Rico reeling The dying grows, from New Orleans to Haiti Our leaders know, but they're too busy looting No one wants to speak about it Fossil fuel subsidies, proxy wars in the middle east Forest fires where glaciers stood A funeral pyre for all the world No one wants to speak about it The ones who got us in this mess will never get us out We'll pull them from their boardrooms and hold them to account They plan on getting rich from our misery and death They'll fall in line or they'll all lose their heads
415 06:41
What are we doing Future shocks are with us now So what are we doing What are we doing Permafrost is melting now So what the fuck are we doing Billionaires won't be spared Your fortresses will fall Together we will suffer What comes to one will come to all
A basilisk stalks the days ahead where fallen glaciers abandon their beds Our food system begins to collapse and starves our children yearning to be fed We stare at this yawning abyss unable to forget The price that we will pay or leave behind as debt Capital is stealing our future years away And it is poisoning our present days Look ahead to see disaster upon us We have become demon-haunted A chorus of Cassandras pounding at the glass Pointing to the fires and storms, disasters grow en masse But the basilisk spews soporific words So that they can keep the profit while our world burns Corruption is stealing our future years away Our rulers are poisoning these present days Look ahead to see disaster they make But we will not falter or break We owe our children and ourselves, the dispossessed, and the world's poor Restoration Reforestation Redistribution Reparations We have become demon-haunted Future is our present trauma
Overcome 04:02
Loss 05:34
The smell of antiseptic permeates everything around you It's 2 am and the nurse will be back at 5 Wandering these halls grows monotonous, but all you have is time And still you don't know when you'll be free again Fluorescent light bathes you in a sickly blue white glow False cheer radiates from children's art on the walls The effect is a curdled attempt to hide the fact that death is here Your life becomes as thin as the sheets on which you sleep Cold storage Releasing your past life, a dulling sense of time Lost moorage
I will accept this I must accept this I can't avoid this How does one make peace The warmth shines through our skin, fills up our heads The fear will dissolve by the barest threads, as Remains of our lives will drift away This twilit world of dust and decay This long struggle will reach its end And it will not last forevermore I will not last nor would I want to


Digital release May 29th (digital-only version available via the artist here: adzes.bandcamp.com)
Tape release July 2

"The ones who got us in this mess will never get us out."

Seattle's Adzes crafts dirges of atmospheric sludge with elements of noise rock, post-metal, and shoegaze, a musical counterpart to the oppressive green and grey of the winters of the Pacific Northwest. Lone member Forest Bohrer's snarling bass collides with thundering drums amidst roiling guitar feedback on songs that howl protest against the accelerating human and environmental crises produced by our capitalist system. Adzes is doomy and bleak music for a world on fire, and Tridroid Records is proud to present their debut full-length No One Wants to Speak About It, available digitally May 29th and on cassette July 2nd.

Follwing 2018's ISIS- and Godflesh-influenced Climate//Capital EP, a bleak look at the havok wrought by capital on a personal and global scale, No One Wants to Speak About It expands both sonic palette and outlook. Clearer, more spacious production reveals a grimy bass presence and a wide range of influences, from Paradise Lost's gothic doom-death to 90s grunge and shoegaze and even to Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich. These songs continue the too-timely lyrical themes of the EP, zooming out to excoriate rising fascist sentiment and endless imperialism, but also turning inward to focus on personal stuggles and the reality of one's mortality. Frantic riffing, mournful sludge, and moody post-metal carry the listener through a harrowing but cathartic listen. On this record Adzes establishes itself as a forceful voice of dissent in a burning world.

FFO: ISIS, Godflesh, Kowloon Walled City, early Mastodon


released May 29, 2020

All music and lyrics written, performed, and recorded by Forest Bohrer
Additional guitars on Loss: Will Jameson
Additional vocals on No One Wants To Speak About It: Sarah Allen Reed, Ben Serna-Gray, Jonathan Petkau, Craig Collins, Jacob, db, Trevor van Hook
Mixed By Forest Bohrer
Mastered by Will Jameson
Samples on Overcome: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change community http:svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/11376
Cover art by Florian-Ayala Fauna (florian-93.com)
Logo by Stephen Wilson


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